If you have not yet tried out the Hell’s Retriever, you are surely missing out! Of all of the new weapons available in Mob of the Dead, this is my favorite. It annihilates entire rooms full of zombies, and it also helps out in a pinch when you are out of ammo, backed into a corner, and on your way out.

A screenshot of the Hell's Retriever after picking it up on the Xbox 360.

Hell's Retriever

The coolest thing about this weapon is how easy it is to get. It doesn’t cost anything, and you can get it within the first few rounds if you are focusing on it. All you have to do is feed each of the three Hellhounds on the walls throughout the map a total of 6 zombies each, one at a time. Easy right?

“But, I just want to watch a video. This post is too long!”

Feeding the First Hellhound

While you can feed the hounds in any order, I prefer to start out with the one closest to the starting area. I like to have two thousand points before opening the first door, that way I can open the door and buy another weapon. To get to the first hellhound, buy the first door and go through the door connected to the library. You will see a ramp with a nice blood stain on it. Head up it to the first landing.

The hell hound will be on the wall to your right as a red wolf drawing. To activate the hound, kill a zombie in the area in front of the wall drawing and it will spring to life, inhaling the dead(?) zombie and munching away. Rinse, and repeat 5 more times.

First Hellhound Before Being Fed a Zombie

First Hellhound Before Being Fed a Zombie

First Hellhound After Killing a Zombie

First Hellhound After Killing a Zombie

To the Docks!

After the first hound is fed, I like to go to the hellhound at the docks next. From the first hellhound, head back to bloody ramp and go to the second landing. Buy that door/gate for $2000.  Head down the hallway and jump over to afterlife mode at the red afterlife box halfway down the hall. Power up the Gondola and, if you have time, the Electric Cherry Perk Machine at the start of the hallway-never a bad idea to maximize your afterlifes.

Racking up Points from the Gondola

Racking up Points from the Gondola

Revive yourself and get into the Gondola. Ride it down to the Docks for $750. Now, head to the bottom of the stairs, turn right and go towards the workbench.

You can also jump off from the gangway connected to the Gondola and land right in front of the workbench. On the wall, to the left of the door to the Power Room, you will see the red wolf drawing.

Again, activate the wolf by killing(?) a zombie in front of it. Feed it 5 more, one at a time, and now you only need to feed one more hellhound to get the Hell’s Retriever.

Let’s Visit the Infirmary

From the hellhound at the docks, run back up to the Gondola and buy another $750 ride back up. Run all the way to the beginning of the hallway and then turn right to face the Cherry Shock Perk Machine.

There is a gangway leading to an entrance to the infirmary to the left of the perk machine.  Follow the gangway until you get to the Infirmary door. Buy it for $1000. Turn right, than take either side into the main room of the Infirmary.(But don’t go down the stairs, that leads to the Cafeteria and another door to buy.)

Once in the main room, you should see the wolf drawing on the far wall, and a part for the airplane next to it.

Hellhound in Infirmary - Airplane Part to the Right

Hellhound in Infirmary - Airplane Part to the Right

Just like the first two, activate the hound by killing a zombie in front of it, and follow that up with a full 5-course meal of zombie carcass. It’s probably a good idea to buy the Uzi on the wall so you don’t get overwhelmed and run out of firepower.

Retrieve Your Prize, Victor!

Head back towards the Cherry Shock Perk Machine, but as soon as you get to the long gangway leading to it, you can jump down to the first floor.

Entrance to the Room Containing the Hell's Retriever

Entrance to the Room Containing the Hell's Retriever

This will land you in front of the main Cafeteria gate. Facing the Cafeteria gate(there is a huge gate with a big sign on top of it, the sign says: “Cafeteria”) run to the right and head up the stairway on the right to the second floor, at the top of the stairs hang a sharp right and run right into another door. Buy it for $1000.

Make your way all the way to the end of the cell block and you will be facing the Warden’s Office and to the left a stairway leading down into the Basement.

Hit the stairs, buying the door into the Basement for $1500. Head through the open doors, passing the door to the Tunnels and Spiral Staircase, until you get to a section of the hallway that turns right.  Look left and there will be a hole blown in the brick wall with three of the red wold drawings above it. Inside you may retrieve your prize.

How to Use the Hell’s Retriever

If you can’t figure out how to use the Hell’s Retriever, I will sell you an eBook guide to using it for just $19.95…but wait…get 7 copies when you order now…just pay separate email shipping… Joking!

Simply throw the retriever by pressing the throw button, LB on Xbox 360. What is it on the other consoles?

Hell's Retriever Waiting to be Retrieved

Hell's Retriever Waiting to be Retrieved

You can also charge it up for a more powerful strike by holding it for up-to two seconds before releasing. Play around with it and see how many zombies you can kill with one throw! Then let me know below or post a reply video on my Youtube video guide.

Upgrading the Hell’s Retriever into the Hell’s Redeemer

It is possible to upgrade the Hell’s Retriever and turn it into the Hell’s Redeemer a more powerful version. I believe you can upgrade it three times, and on on the third upgrade I have heard it will be a one-hit-one-kill up to level 70. Unfortunately, I am not good enough to stay alive that long…so, I will just leave it at that for now…

I am getting a video and tutorial put together explaining the upgrade, and will link it here when it’s ready!

Let me know below if you have questions, suggestions, or share your exploits using the retriever. Also feel free to submit a reply on Youtube.