In the latest Black Ops 2 Zombies DLC, Uprising, my favorite map has thus far been Mob of the Dead – I haven’t played on the multiplayer maps yet – so I was excited to find out that there are two musical Easter eggs hidden around the map.

Rusty Cage – Johnny Cash

The first Easter egg is Johnny Cash’s Rusty Cage. Triggering it is pretty easy. There are three bottles scattered around the map that need to be activated. They can be activated in any order and by any player. Once the last bottle is activated, the song will start playing right away.

The first bottle is found in the Library, near the window on the book shelf. This is the easiest bottle to activate because it is in the spawn area. Simply walk up to the bottle and press the use button.

The second bottle is found in the infirmary in the room next to the mystery box spawn room. It is sitting between the wall and a stainless steel medical cart.

The last bottle is found in a corner of the docks behind some crates. Make sure zombies aren’t crawling over the fence on top of you while you activate it. It’s best to wait between rounds or grab it in an early round.

Where are we Going – Kevin Sherwood

The second musical Easter egg is Where are we Going? By Kevin Sherwood. This one is super easy to trigger, but it does waste an afterlife.

Head to the spiral staircase in the citadel tunnels and go into after life mode. On the panel that you use to activate the elevator with the rope part you zap in the numbers 9-3-5. The panel will blink 7-7-7 for a split second and then the song will begin.

Let me know if you know of any other musical Easter eggs in the comments below!