You know there is a problem when the only thing on your mind after a new console unveiling is “crap-I have to buy this if I want to play the next Call of Duty.”

Xbox One Controller

At least this looks cool...

To be fair to Microsoft, I was not expecting much from the hardware. Let’s face it, the hardware advancement rate is a far cry from where it was 10yrs ago. Plus, I am pretty happy with the 1080i piped into my tv from my current Xbox 360. So, I would expect a focus on all of the awesome ways the new software on the Xbox is going to make my gameplay so much better. Instead, they chatted about the hardware specs of my 2 year old PC, and showed off features I will never, ever use, such as Skype on my Xbox.

I have never been too excited about the Kinect.  Yeah, it’s a cool idea. But, to me, it is more of a novelty. I think a lot of advances in human-computer interfaces probably come about like this(why do I need a keyboard when my punch cards work just fine?), so, perhaps this generation of Kinect will be more suited to what I use my Xbox for-playing games.

There are some definite pluses to the new hardware – HDMI in with passthrough, Gig Ethernet, Wireless N, Blue-Ray – but I just don’t feel like these warrant buying a new console.  I am totally happy with my current Xbox 360. I hope that E3 will bring some awesome and exciting new revelations into why I would spend money on the Xbox One, besides being forced to by game developers.


Xbox One Transistor Gloat

Really? Does your audience really care how many transistors you crammed inside?


However, I do like that the marketing team took a page, or rather a half page, from the Apple marketing playbook by keeping the name simple. Apple would have called it “xbox” and left it at that.


Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect


Since the Kinect will be “required” does that mean the console console will include a Kinect? Or, would I have to buy one separately, like an extra controller?