Toshiba Solid State Drive Upgrade Kit

Toshiba Solid State Drive Upgrade Kit

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about solid state drives by now. And you have probably heard they are amazing. That they will make your computer run oh-so-much better.

But, is it true?

Yes. Yes, it is!

Yesterday I upgraded my desktop PC from a 5400RPM 2TB hard drive to 128GB Toshiba solid state drive.

Running a clean install of Windows 7, my PC boots in about 10 seconds. Previously, it was about 60 seconds. That alone was a win for me.

The bigger reason I was excited to try out a solid state drive was because Adobe Premier was super cumbersome. With my setup, I couldn’t understand why it was so laggy. I really didn’t think that my hdd was the problem. But, a clean install of Windows plus a solid state drive and life is great.

But just how great?

First of all, I really could not scrub source files in Premier. It was too laggy to have any idea what was going on. I had to play the files and then do my best to type in the correct start/stop times.

Second, render time was atrocious. It would take 30-45 mins to render a single 5 minute video. Now it renders them in under 20 mins. In fact, my first test only took 4:21 to render a 2:30 video.

Third, edit time was ungodly. Just due to the laggy UI and inability to scrub, editing a single gameplay video with a pre-recorded voice over would take me 20 minutes on an amazing day. Today, after my upgrade, I edited my backlog of 8 videos in about 45 mins. Exported them all to Adobe Media Encoder and started the queue.

It’s still running right now.

Moral of the story-buy a solid state drive if you do any sort of video editing or any other disk I/O intensive activity.

As my friend said to me, “welcome to the SSD club!”