Update 1/4/15: Version 1.2 is out! Check out this rambling post if you’re awesome.

I have always wanted to make a video game, so back in May I spent a Sunday going through this awesome Unity tutorial picking up some basics and building out a sample platformer game.

Now, I’ve finally went back to that project, gave it a name, made it an icon and decided to submit it to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

BLOKr Play Store Featured Graphic

For anyone planning to release a game on the Apple App Store, I highly recommend first releasing some sort of sample application. It will give you hope in your darkest hour. And, believe me, you will see dark hours when dealing with the Apple App Store. I want to give a quick summary of dealing with each publishing platform.


Unity definitely lives up to its promise of cross-platform. It was insanely easy to export the game for iOS and Android. There are a few custom properties to set for each platform, but once you have those nailed down, it just works. After I had the game ready, I was expecting the export process to be difficult. It was the opposite. Unity gets major props in my book for living up to expectations.

The Google Play Store

I had no problems submitting my app. The process took a few minutes and I never looked back. This isn’t the first app that I’ve submitted, but, it had been such a long time since my last app submission, about two years ago, that I didn’t remember anything about it. Google only required one screenshot from an Android device, plus the icon artwork.

The Apple App Store

These guys are strict. And it feel like they want a lot from you. I am not going to say that is a bad thing, or that I don’t see the value in their process, but just that I really didn’t appreciate the sheer number of hours I felt that I wasted trying to navigate the provisioning profiles, development certificates, and myriad of requirements needed for the most basic of entries in the App Connector. I needed to get screenshots from all device types, which was a major pain since Unity doesn’t want you to run their game in the simulator.


Anyways, the whole point of this post is to show off my sample game, BLOKr. It’s the most basic game in the history of human’s creating videogames, but I am happy with it…for now. There are lots of little features I have came up with since writing the game, but, seeing as this is more of a sample app, I will probably hold off on those for now.

BLOKr Screenshot

Please check it out in your store of choice:

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