A while back I released my first Unity3D game for iOS and Android. The original version had very basic gameplay and graphics, so I thought it would be fun to revamp the color scheme and add a few things to make the gameplay a little better.

Color all the things!

I really like the white on red icon, so I decided rebuild the game’s scene based on the high contrast, white on red depicted in the app icon.

App Store Preview




Gameplay updates

Originally, there was no limit to the speed or acceleration that you could obtain so after a while your jumpy block character(yes, it might not have a face but it’s still a character! Ok, maybe not.) would be flying from one side of the screen to the other faster than one could hope to control it. I implemented a velocity cap to keep the speed manageable.

I’ve also added support for the iOS gamecenter and setup a leaderboard. And, of course, fixed some annoying bugs.

I am pretty happy with the game. It isn’t much, but it is the first mobile game that I’ve worked on. I found it to be fun and a good break from the day-to-day programming problems that I get to solve. Plus, Unity3D was very easy to pickup and get started. And, when I did get stuck, there are tons of tutorials, blog posts, and forums with example code and people willing to help.

Check out the original post, or play BLOKr on your iOS or Android device:

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